Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Darkest Days. book 6 of The Adventures of Xavier & Vic

bOOK 6

When the pot has too many cooks a feast can be ruined, and that’s exactly what happens with Xavier and Vic’s new cases. Each proves more complicated than initially thought with criminals dropping out of the sky, wreaking havoc upon Xavier, Vic, and their excellent employees. By the end, Vic threatens to open a school that teaches criminals how to stay out of each other’s way.

Worse yet, a treasured member of the staff is shot in the heart while attempting to save Vic and the Queen’s cousin.

“Everyone, to the tree now,” he insisted, wishing he had Xavier’s ability to boss people around. When he was a pirate, he had no problems getting his crew to do as he asked. If they didn’t, he’d just shoot them and toss their body overboard, but that was a different time in his life and he had different standards. For a pirate, he was considered a great captain to ship with. Now he had an ambiguous position. While he was the ‘master’ of the big house, Alice actually managed the farmers.

“Now!” he snapped, using his captain’s voice.

Startled, the men moved to the tree.

Jacko opened both doors. As he set up the camera, he cursed the dimness still enveloping Daisy’s body. He had very little chance of capturing any details.

Just as he was about to give up this endeavor, a beam of sunshine came through the doors and pierced the darkness surrounding her body.

He managed to take three pictures before the farmers rushed inside.

“God Almighty! What was done to the poor girl?”

“Looks like something ripped her throat out.”

“But what could do that?”

Frederick spoke from the door. “I’ll tell you what it was. It’s the werewolf. It killed my Daisy and if we don’t send it back to hell, it’s going to slaughter us all.”

Not one farmer seemed to think his accusation ridiculous. In fact, they insisted they should go at once and hunt the creature down.

Book 6
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