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Scavenger Falters by Liza O''Connor

Welcome to Scavenger Falters

First, let me share the main characters. 
They are the same as they were in book 1.

Meet Alisha
Unlike the rest of the SkyRyders, who had never tried to improve their Wind-Catcher over the last 60 years, Alisha saw great possibilities in modifying her catcher. These changes along with her natural talent made her skills far better than any of the other SkyRyders. So on her third day (after 2 battles which were won solely on her skills) MAC promoted her to Colonel responsible for teaching the rest of the SkyRyders how to fly.

Meet Colonel Logan

Logan reaffirms there can be no relationship between him and Alisha. She has an entire fort to teach how to fly better and he needs to learn her skills as fast as possible so he can become General of the East Coast. But can he do that? If he truly loves Alisha, can he deny the love between them?

Meet Jack Sparks
With the Broadtown Fort destroyed (book 1) space for colonels is at a premium at Capital Fort. Thus, Alisha is to bunk with Colonel Sparks. Colonel Logan is not happy and offers to bunk with Dryers so Alisha could have a room of her own, only General Powell refuses to change the room assignments. He assures Logan that the two would be too busy to get up to mischief. In truth, there is another reason why he's certain they won't be coupling rather than sleeping. And we'll find out why.

Meet General Powell
If he had a nickname, it would be Grumpy, but no one has the balls to give him a nickname. Even Jack hated the general when he first arrived. Powell has made every colonel other than Logan cry. He has a puritanical streak a mile wide, a blind eye to the making of dogs (abusing new cadets), and always demands more than is reasonable from his men.  And he hates women. Until he had to let Logan's people into the Capital Fort there has been no women in his fort. Fortunately, he is so amazed and enchanted by Alisha at first, that he appears to become a nicer general.

Scavenger Falters

Liza O'Connor

Alisha Kane, the Corps’ best flyer, is promoted to colonel, in charge of teaching the Corp’s SkyRyders her extraordinary flying maneuvers. The man she loves, Logan, continues to place the Corps first and insists they both remain focused on their work. For Alisha, this means ferreting out the best flyers in a Corps that has systematically forced great flyers into mediocrity. Logan focuses on learning Alisha’s flying techniques so that he can become the hero the East Coast desperately needs. The result includes fractured ribs and broken hearts, but through it all they never relinquish their love of the Corps. 


The day after the devastation of the Broadtown Fort

Logan woke to the stirring pleasure of soft kisses upon his face and a familiar hot body pressed against him. He opened his eyes, and upon realizing this was more than a pleasant dream, he escaped the bed.

“Alisha, what are you doing in here?” he demanded of the beautiful young woman who regularly tormented his dreams and presently resided in his bed.

“Waking you up.” She cocked her head to one side, causing her dark hair to cover her right shoulder. God, she looked so young and adorable fluttering those long eyelashes. “But before we can go any further, I need you to release me from a part of your order.” She climbed out of bed and put her arms around his waist. “The part forbidding me to engage in any physical or seductive actions toward you.”

Logan unwrapped her hands from around his waist and gently moved her farther away from him. “I can’t. The order remains.”

“But you love me!” she insisted. “You told me so last night before the mission!”

Logan sighed. He led her back to the bed and sat her down on the edge. “Alisha, I’ve always loved you. I think I may have loved you from the moment I set eyes on you.”

“It was the same for me!” she confessed.

He smiled and stroked her face. “But all that love doesn’t change the facts. I’m your commanding officer, I’m too old for you, and you can and will do better. My orders remain.”

The SkyRyder’s Series, Book 2
Scavenger Falters

The SkyRyder’s Series, Book 1
Scavenger’s Mission

About the Author
Liza O’Connor lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels.

Sci-Fi Soap Opera with humor, romance, and science


The SkyRyders Series
Sci-Fi Romance
Scavenger Falters-releasing Dec 30th 2016
Scavenger Vanishes-coming 2017

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Coming Oct 5th: Scavenger's Mission


Scavenger’s Mission
Liza O’Connor

Meet Alisha: A young woman who refuses to live the life her parents want.
In a single month, Alisha Kane has gone from a wealthy debutante to street girl to scavenger.  While testing her new flying skills in the Cully Canyon, Alisha incurs a near-death crash landing. She’s “rescued” by a colonel of the SkyRyders and her life changes forever.
Meet Logan: A SkyRyder colonel in charge of a sleepy fort with little to do other than arrest the occasional scavenger.
For the first time in his life, Logan’s attracted to a young woman, only she’s probably a scavenger and he’ll have to arrest her.  But first he offers her a shower and food while he checks on his crew. His Videographer has captured her extraordinary flight through the Cully and her flying is astounding!
He forgoes arresting her and puts his career at risk by asking MAC to assess her skills and integrity as a potential SkyRyder. If he can get Alisha into the SkyRyders, it will be his greatest contribution to the Corps.
Meet MAC: the Artifical Intelligence that runs the SkyRyders Corps.
Upon seeing her arrival, MAC upgrades Alisha’s test. Her flying skills are not just excellent; they exceed what was previously thought possible. MAC classifies her as its top asset and soon she proves her value. 
But…the SkyRyders remain a male dominated Corps where Alisha’s sense of right and wrong often clashes with her superiors. How long can a rebellious young woman survive in a regimented Corps?

“How’s your knee?”
“It’s okay,” Alisha lied.
“Good, because MAC wants you to do it over.”
Alisha sighed. “I don’t think I can do it any better.”
“How about if you used your own catcher?”
“Oh, then I can do it much better,” Alisha assured him.
Riley gave her a look, then stared forward. “Then let’s do it again.”
With her own catcher, Alisha was up in less than a minute. Riley never had a chance to call an abort. Two seconds after takeoff, she was at an altitude of three hundred feet, holding her position precisely over his head.
“Your target is the remaining tree with a box. You know the drill. Straight to the tree, secure package, and bring it back to the circle.”
This time, Alisha didn’t need to ask for a deviation to the plan. Her catcher could run a straight line. Due to modifications she had made to her toggles, she could continue to control them even as she reached down and snared the package. She then performed a perfect one-eighty rotation and skimmed over the top of the tree, coming straight down to the circle and placing the package precisely in the square.
“Before you land, do you want to show MAC any other moves?”
Alisha maneuvered the catcher over to her pack lying on the ground and pulled one of her slats from its sleeve. While holding her catcher steady, she attached one slat to the boot of her un-injured leg. She then pulled a forward vertical lift. This was a new experience for her. The change she had made gave her the ability to move into the wind—something so impossible that most would equate it to moving backward in time. She laughed and did a celebration flip in her harness.
She continued her climb until she was at two thousand feet. “This is on purpose, so don’t worry.”
Facing the hundred-mile wind, she collapsed her catcher and began to surf the powerful wind with the wind slat. “I hope you’re catching the fact that I am moving into the wind.”
“Noted, along with the fact that your catcher is collapsed and you’re headed into trees. If you have a plan to inflate the catcher, I’d prefer you do it now.”
Alisha laughed and pulled hard on her top toggles. Instantly the catcher opened and her slat-riding stopped. She pulled a sharp one-eighty and headed back to the testing site. There she performed a perfect crosswind tact with a harness-released landing, pulling the slat to a halt right in front of Riley.
“You didn’t move,” she teased. “The colonel didn’t either.”
“Well, since I’ve decided I’m still asleep in my bed, I didn’t need to move. I can be as brave as I like in my dreams.”

The SkyRyder’s Series, Book 1
Scavenger’s Mission

Liza O’Connor lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels.

Sci-Fi Soap Opera with humor, romance, and science


The SkyRyders Series
Sci-Fi Romance
Scavenger Falters-coming 2017
Scavenger Vanishes-coming 2017

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Dance or Die

Available at

Dance or Die


Liza O'Connor

Tess Campbell, mafia princess, has fallen in love with a British prince during his stay in Iowa. He appears equally besotted, having given her his family ring that’s been passed down through the generations. Still, he asked that she keep his proposal and ring a secret for the time being.
Two weeks into their budding romance, Tess’s father, a psycho mafia don, kidnaps and nearly kills the prince and his Secret Service agent, believing she has taken both as her lovers. The brutal assault reveals the true character of each man and Tess must face some hard truths, even as she takes control of her destiny to build the finest state park in the country. 
“She said Dan was Secret Service,” Frank added.
That caused Benito to grab Frank by his collar and slam him against a wall. “When?” he roared.
“When what?” Frank asked, clearly astounded how quickly he’d fallen into trouble.
Tess couldn’t care less.
“When did she tell you?”
“On the drive here.”
Benito turned to Tess. “Is that true?”
“He’s our security guy, working on the park. However, when Frank kept yelling at me to slow down or the cops would stop me, I told him the vehicle was Dan’s and he’s Secret Service.”
“And what part of that was untrue,” Benito asked softly.
“The Secret Service part and the car’s a rental.” She glanced over at Frank, looking ready to kill her. “I’m sorry for lying, but I needed to get here as fast as possible and set things right with my father.”
She refocused on the monster. “I had planned to call you today, even before you took Dan and Steel. The four workers you tortured were enough. I can’t be the cause of other people being hurt. So here I am, your obedient daughter. I’ll marry whoever you choose and I won’t cause any more trouble. Just let them go. That’s all I ask.”
Benito smiled. “All right. Assuming you haven’t lied to me about still being a virgin—”
“I haven’t.”
“Then, let’s see how obedient you intend to be.” He walked to the corner and located his briefcase. From it, he pulled several documents. “Sign these.”
Without asking what they were, she signed page after page.
When she finished and passed the documents to her father, he smiled and stroked her cheek. “You just made me executor of Helen’s will, quit your job at the state park, and married Danny Spadoni.”
“What?” Frank yelled.
Benito stared at Frank in shock. “Did you actually think you were worthy of my daughter?”
Meet my Characters Tess Cambell
Tess is a charming, kind, thoughtful, bright young woman who has a great many challenges to deal with since her Grams died. For the last six years, Grams has been her protector, her instructor of how to care for the woods, her best friend, and her compass.
Recently, Grams died and Tess' life changed dramatically. The kind woman who had bought Gram's 200,000 acres of White Oaks ensured the forest would become a state park forever and Tess, once she acquired her Master's degree in Forestry would be in charge of it for as long as she wished.
Only problem is that she has yet to earn a Masters Degree, so the head of parks hired an archeologist who also had a Master's in forestry until Tess gets her degree.
Honestly, she didn't like Steel at all when she picked him up at the airport, but once he realized she wasn't just an airport driver, but the one woman who could nix him getting the job, he became much nicer and within two weeks of his charm, she had fallen in love. 
Her father, a powerful mafia don, began tearing apart her world the moment her grams dies. There appeared to be nothing he wouldn't do,  and she feared for Steel's life. Fortunately, Steel was a British Prince and thus the Secret Service ensures he is protected while he remains in the U.S.  
His main security is a determined fellow named Dan Brown. Dan repeatedly tried to convince Steel to leave Iowa. He spoke in length about the dangers of Benito Campinelli, and what the man might do to him. Steel evidently didn't believe anyone would dare harm him and not only wouldn't he return to Britain, he also continued to flirt with Tess.
Since Steel constantly flirted with Tess, Dan had no choice but to do the same so Steel's attention to the Don's daughter wouldn't stand out as anything special.
Flirting with Tess was not a problem for Dan. He thought her the most amazing woman he'd ever met.
He also continued to push Steel to return to Britain, but the man stubbornly refused. Steel's archeological career  was in ruins and he needed the paleo-Indian mounds and village site in the forest to regain his reputation. The Don's last warning that he could and WOULD tear her life apart was this:
And when she returns up the mountain she discovers how true that was. Both Steel and Dan are missing. Tess resigns herself to do whatever is necessary to save them both from her deadly father.
Check out the Blog Tours surrounding The White Oaks-Mafia Series: Sept 1-7: 99 cent promotional event for Book 1: A Fortune to Die For Sept 8-14 Magic of Books New Release Tour: Dance or Die. Plus 5 blogs sharing details of Book 3 throughout the month.

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A Fortune to Die For 99c

Welcome to the 
White Oaks-Mafia Series
where having $$$ can get you killed.
Megan Clarke had a good life until she wins the Mega Times Lottery and discovers the prize comes with a curse. Worse than the many money-hungry suitors, a serial killer has her in his sight. She changes her name and moves to Iowa with plans to buy their last major forest of white oaks and turn it into a State Park. Unfortunately, the Lottery Curse doesn't stop at state lines and someone there wants her dead, as well. Good thing a disturbingly handsome law officer is just as determined to keep her alive.

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The Adventures of  Xavier & Vic Book 7 The CrimeLords’ War by  Liza O'Connor
Available at
Chaos abounds in Late Victorian England. Xavier goes off on a mission without Vic because her protector, Tubs, is not well enough to keep Vic from harm right now. In fact, Tubs is dying and the doctor doesn’t expect him to live for more than a week. Upon discovering Tubs’ dire situation, Vic sets about rescuing him instead.
Good thing too. To all appearances, the two strongest crime lords of London have declared war on each other. Only the two attempts on Vic’s life tells her this is all a clever plot by a third party—worse yet, a female villainess.
To stop the crime lords from destroying one another, leaving their territories open to the Russian spy, she must bring Seth and Samson together, share what is really going on, and get them to agree to work against this third party. Not an easy task since Seth Sojourn thinks Vic is nothing but a foolish sop. Unfortunately, Xavier has gone missing, so it’s up to her to convince the angry crime lord that her plan is best. Otherwise, this villainess will kill everyone who gets in her way and bring England to its knees.
blog tour
Aug 2
Suzanne Burke
Meet the director of Scotland Yard

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Melissa Kendall
Meet Samson
Aug 10
Daryl Devore
Meet Fagan & Casey
Aug 13
Riley Moreland
Meet Seth sojourn
Aug 15
Jean walker
meet barns
Aug 17
lincoln farish
meet tubs
Aug 18
vivian mackade
meet dr. connors
Aug 22
Devika Fernando
meet claire
aug 24
Jenna Jaxon
meet Gregory
Aug 29
Valerie Ulmer
meet Ben
If you haven't begun this fabulous series, you have a great deal of catching up to do!

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Saving Molly has released!

She's in great need of rescue.

Saving Molly


Liza O'Connor

Molly Brown always faces life with a smile, even when a frightening thug is intent upon killing her. At first, Detective Sean Cushing finds Molly’s cheery disposition unnatural, especially when he discovers the seriousness of her injuries. When she asks for police protection, he instead offers her a job and home being a nanny to his five-year-old daughter, hoping her cheery disposition can pull his child from her dark hole of misery. Never did he expect he’d be proposing marriage within a day, but life has a way of going in odd directions when Molly Brown is involved.
Detective Sean Cushing was returning to the police station from a shooting in Harlem. He should have been off the clock two hours ago, but he had the bad luck to get a triple homicide five minutes before his shift was over. It took the crime scene unit over an hour to arrive and he still had endless paperwork to complete before he could go home. He called Mrs. Williams, his babysitter, and told her he’d be home late.
The woman sighed heavily. “You can’t keep doing this. I’ve got a life, you know.”
He fought off his first response, which was ‘You sit in your house all day. How much of a life could you possibly have?’ and gave one that would ensure she’d still watch Eliza tomorrow and the day after. “I’ll pay you double.”
“I suppose I could cancel my plans,” she stated hesitantly. “But just this once.”
“Thank you, Mrs. Williams, I truly appreciate it.”
He hung up the cell phone and focused on the radio chatter to diffuse his anger. That the only neighbor within five miles would watch his daughter was a godsend. The fact she was making a fortune off of him was God’s fault. If He hadn’t let Jenna get cancer, Eliza would have a mother to care for her.
He recognized the radio dispatcher at once. Serena Jones had a distinctive voice with a great deal of attitude. “There is a young gal inciting tourists to make prank 911 calls. I ignored the first thirty calls, but this girl is jamming up the emergency lines and I want it stopped!”
Serena’s demand resulted in a lot of two-click responses over the airwaves, which equated to laughter and code responses asking for a description of the perp.
“Caller thirty-one says she’s a cute blonde. Caller thirty-two described a scary man about six-five, black bushy hair with a scar on his left cheek. So take your pick. Now there’s another caller. Will someone please get this girl off the streets?”
Sean Cushing almost smiled as he listened to the humorous patter on the radio. Not much could cheer him up these days. Not with his young daughter fading away right before his eyes.
Serena’s crisis was the first thing he’d found even vaguely amusing in a long time. Certainly better than the triple homicide he’d just left.
His mind had drifted back to the blood-covered Harlem kitchen when Serena lost her cool. “I’m now up to forty-one calls on this girl. If someone doesn’t pick her up soon, I’m calling the fire department.”
Liza O’Connor lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels.
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