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Saving Casey. Back and Better than ever!


Has returned!!! And this time, she's not alone. She's part of a new series called Requires Rescue. Even the strong can use a helping hand  Each book will present a strong woman who needs a helping hand from a man who steps up when no one else will. Unlike my other series, you can read these in any order you want.
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When eighty-year-old Cass Goldman learns she has inoperable cancer, she decides to end her life. So imagine her horror when she wakes to find herself in a hospital with strange rich people staring at her. It's not until the doctor arrives to examine her that she realizes she's no longer old. She's in the body of a seventeen-year-old teen named Casey. 

Unfortunately, her new body comes with some serious baggage. First of all, the kid has burned every bridge imaginable. Secondly, those ‘people’ in her room are her outrageously rich parents and while the Dad seems friendly, the mother wants nothing to do with her. The moment they take her home to a horrifically huge mansion, which she dubs Tara, she’s abandoned to the care of the butler.

While Cass is determined to turn this train wreck of a life around, doing so is far harder than she expected. In fact, without help, she’ll end up dead just like the last occupant of this body. Thankfully, her dad has his hunky head of security become her bodyguard. Between her eighty years of life lessons and hunky Troy’s help, she just might live long enough not to be jail bait.


"Saving Casey" is an original plot that is fast 
paced and full of emotions"

"The author creates a wonderful story 
with in-depth characters 
that you feel you know personally"

"Liza found a way to weave magic in her story 
and keep me guessing throughout the entire book"


With an attendant pushing Cass’s wheelchair and her parents following like a funeral procession, they arrived before a white Maybach Landaulet parked outside the emergency exit. Cass had read an article in Forbes just last week declaring it the sixth most expensive car in the world. And if her memory recalled correctly, it cost nearly one and a half million dollars. 

Who the hell buys a million and a half dollar car? Surely, they can find some better use of their money.

Evidently, her parents were astronomically well off and didn’t have the sense God gave a pigeon on how to spend their wealth.

Her dad helped her into the back passenger seat, which, despite a great deal of leg room, only held two plush leather reclining chairs rather like a triple-first-class airplane would have.

Cass intended to hate the ridiculous chair, but when she sank into the soft leather, securing her in a gentle hug, she thought it the finest seating experience in her very long life.

If this was all a dream ride to heaven, then she’d save her scolding for God until they arrived. No one could be in a bad mood sitting in such comfort.

“Perhaps Casey can sit in the front with the driver,” her mother said.

Damn it! My first taste of excessive luxury and I get booted after thirty seconds.

“I’ll sit up front,” her father said. “Sit in the back with Casey.”

Her mother stared at him, then Cass, then the front section of the car with its black tinted windows. Finally, she motioned the driver to open the front door and disappeared from sight.

Hurrying around to the other side, her father climbed into the other back seat. He reached over and touched Cass’s arm, which floated on the center armrest. “You okay, kitten?”

A smile crossed her face. ‘Okay’ didn’t start to cover her pleasure. She hadn’t been evicted and remained luxuriating in a million dollar chair.

“Would you like the top down?”

She nodded and seconds later, the back half of the roof disappeared, allowing the sun to cheerfully beam down, while the sides continued to protect them from excessive wind.

Holy cow! This feels like all the best features of flying first class and a Caribbean beach resort in one.

As the car pulled away, creating the softest caressing breeze upon her sun-kissed face, she closed her eyes and decided God did exist, and He/She really liked her.

Pictures of the Characters:
Cass and Troy
Cass' Tranformation
Mom & Dad The Butler-Parent
Nightmare Scenarios


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Surviving Sojourn by Liza O'Connor. Bk 4 of The Multiverses


Sojourn is probably in the brig presently, so allow me to tell you about the book.

Surviving Sojourn


Liza O'Connor

An alien species is removing human colonies from planets, but to where, no one knows. Sojourn, along with the Emperor’s daughter and their crew, must find this unknown species and negotiate a treaty before the Empire’s army declares war on all non-human races.

Those who do not follow the Path of Light would prefer to kill all the non-human sentient beings before they are even aware they are under attack.

 Matters turn bleak for the Path of Light when Sojourn’s ship crash-lands on Terranue before their journey even begins.

Something moved in Sojourn’s dinner of rehydrated protein-and-vegetable stew. He poked at it with his spoon and a green head the size of his thumb rose above the brown goo and clamped down on the utensil, tearing at it with its rows of needle-sharp teeth.
His shipmates farther down the stainless steel dining table roared with raucous laughter. One of them must have found the vicious creature on Alpha 201, the planet they just left.
Everyone had been hoping for a bonus, which they got whenever a colony survived a full year. Unfortunately, not a single person remained on the planet. Evidently, the crew decided to take out their frustration on the newest crewmember.
“Funny, real funny,” he declared, tempted to toss his spoon with the attached Gila worm down the table, but that would get him in trouble…again. Instead, he carried his bowl over to the barely functioning recycling unit and poured the contents down the hole.
He’d probably catch hell for throwing a non-degradable spoon away, but no way was he going to risk a potentially lethal bite just to save one slightly warped eating utensil.
The recycling unit groaned and shivered as if it didn’t feel like working today, or maybe it didn’t like Gila worms either. The brown sludge and Gila worm had just disappeared when Captain Longfellow’s voice barked from the ship’s communication system.
“Sojourn to the bridge!”
Old man Thomas, no doubt the idiot who had brought the Gila aboard, smirked and leaned back in his chair. “Was that the brig or bridge?”
Charles, playing cards at the end of the table with Drogan, paused in his game. “It’d save time if he let you head to the brig straight off.”
Everyone laughed but Drogan. Still, the blue-skinned, gilled Oceanic had to be relieved not to be the target of their torment for once. The morons of this crew constantly told him fish jokes, which no doubt made the fellow wish he’d never left his water planet.
Sometimes these jerks made Sojourn wish he’d never left Terranue, but in his case he’d had no choice. According to a prophecy, if he didn’t leave, the colonists would blame him for some terrible plague that was coming.

Book 4 : Surviving Sojourn
Book 3: Surviving Terranue
Book 2: Surviving Outbound
Book 1: The Gods of Probabilities

Liza is a multiple genre author of 17 novels. A Late Victorian Series, The Adventures of Xavier & Vic, plus a spinoff, A Right to Love, is an ongoing series.    A Long Road to Love is a humorous Contemporary Disaster Romance series of five books. She has two single books. One is a humorous, bad boys contemporary novel with ghosts, called Ghost Lover, the other is Untamed & Unabashed, a spinoff from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Now, she’s rolling out her Science fiction series (with romance & humor) called The Multiverses. The first four books are slotted for last half of 2015.  In addition she hopes, if she hasn’t dropped from exhaustion by then, to re-release a sometimes humorous/suspense thriller called Saving Casey

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