Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Climbing Out of Hell

Finally, we discover WHY Trent behaved so badly in book 3, Coming to Reason.

Billionaire Trent Lancaster has destroyed his relationship with the only woman who ever loved him. Now we discover the full truth of what happened.  
He actually had reasons for his behaviors.
Still, there is no going back. Trent has lost Carrie forever, but he would rather die than marry Coco, so he does just that. Trent gives away most of his possessions, fakes his death, and starts over with a new face and a better attitude in a small town in Iowa where his half-brother Sam is sheriff.
Losing his true love has fundamentally broken Trent to his core. His only chance for happiness is to become the better man Carrie had always seen inside him.

True change is not easy. Can Trent grow up and become a man we can love?

 Meet new and old characters
His half brother/former driver/ now sheriff of small town in Iowa.

Sam's girlfriend, Owner of a bar & restaurant, and the woman Trent falls in love with. But no way will he steal his brother's girl.

Leroy: Dani's gramps who hates Sam, but thinks Trent is a great guy. He's also the blind guy who shoots an AK47 at pigeons in the park because Iowa recently allowed blind people to carry guns.

Cougar: The town trouble.
He's why Dani never dated until Sam became sheriff.

Meet REAL trouble. 
Coco and her father. They are the reason Trent fakes his suicide and God help us, they show up in his new life as well.

The fabulous man Trent becomes with the help of a priest, Mars, a grumpy surgeon with a God awful Texas accent, Carrie's voice inside his head, and the  entire town of Denton Iowa. (pop 2,154)
Prepare to have fun!

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